The Sequel Series: Adama (and Balla)

Note: This is part 3 of the Adama & Balla story. The prequels can be found under the “Inspired Stories” tab. The first part is called “Adama” and the second part is called “Balla.” Happy reading! **At the Ndiaye residence** Adama: I said, who the hell is this, Balla? Balla stuttered while attempting to comeContinue reading “The Sequel Series: Adama (and Balla)”

Soda, my sister

**An open letter to my baby sister (who’s not much of a baby anymore)** Hey girl, I want to share some life lessons with you today. Not because I know it all. And certainly not because I have got this life figured out. But because I want to shed some light on a few thingsContinue reading “Soda, my sister”

Maguette, on behalf of all the women holding it together during Ramadan

Reading time: ~4 mins I feel like I just laid my head down no more than an hour ago! I swear that alarm clock races with my sanity sometimes. It was time to get up and prepare a meal before sunrise. Ramadan had begun and it was going to be a long month of wakingContinue reading “Maguette, on behalf of all the women holding it together during Ramadan”

KBF said … admire/love women but never trust them

Kocc Barma said: JigĂ©en soppal te bul woolu The entire blog has been about empowering WOMEN and empowering PEOPLE! I think this statement is soooo unfair that I can’t even expend energy justifying it so we will just include it for the purpose of completeness for Kocc Barma’s sayings. I’m going to speak on behalfContinue reading “KBF said … admire/love women but never trust them”

KBF said … A king is not loyal

When I polled my social media friends to list out characteristics of a good leader, I got things like this: A good listener Someone with empathy Someone who is honest, open minded and has courage Someone who knows how to motivate a team Someone who doesn’t always need to be at the front of theContinue reading “KBF said … A king is not loyal”

KBF said … your stepchild is not your child

“Doomu jiitle du doom” **ATTENTION ALL PARENTS** Friends. Social media. Television. Travel. iPhones. Androids. Google. Spotify. Apple Music. Hulu. HBO. Netflix. Disney. School. Prom. Homecoming. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Detention. Starbucks. That looks like a list of random but popular things that look familiar to all of us probably. But all of those things have something inContinue reading “KBF said … your stepchild is not your child”